Mountain lookout tower around Lipno in Austria and Germany

Lipno offers a variety of excursions. One of the favorite destinations is the lookout tower around Lipno, but also Austria and Germany, where you can cycle and cycle. Let’s introduce some of them, which are located in the vicinity of your accommodation in Lipno.


One of the popular look-outs is Moldaublick. It is located on the Austrian side of the Bohemian Forest, where it served in the past for border guards. From the lookout tower, you will see Lipno, Boletice. You can go for it in winter and on cross-country skiing. It was built in 1968 on Mount Sulzberg.


The Alpenblick lookout tower overlooks the Austrian side of the Bohemian Forest. In good weather, you can see the Alps. It was opened in May 2009. Its height is 33 meters. From Moldaublick it is 2.5 km away. The scenery offers views of Upper Austria, the small town of Aigen and the Plechý mountain.


Barenstein in Austria offers an impressive sight of Lipno. Here, however, a more demanding output is waiting for you. Below the prospect, there are several rocks. At the top, there is a cross and a  unique view. For easy orientation, there are lookout rosettes.

Vitkov’s castle

The view from the tower of Vitkov Castle offers you a beautiful panorama. You can see all Lipno, Horní Planá, Frymburk, Kleť mountain, České Budějovice.

View in Černá v Pošumaví

It also offers views of Lipno, the island of Tajvan. You will reach it from Černá v Pošumaví on the road to Dolni Vltavice. You can also see the mountains Smrčina and Plechý, the yacht harbour in Černá.

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