A trip to Plechý and Lake Plešné from Frymburk

The Plechý hill, located at an altitude of 1378 m, is the highest peak of the eastern part of the Bohemian Forest (Šumava). It spreads around Lake Plešné.

Way to the Lake Plešné


You can get to the Lake Plešné along the yellow or green tourist road. The yellow-marked one will bring you to Říjiště, which is the last stop before going to Plechý. From here you can continue along the green-marked road to the crossroads Pod Kamenným mostem, where is a very pleasant trip, and there are also overnight spots and tourist sights. You may choose one of the two hiking trails to Lake Plešné.

From there, follow the green road to Lake Plešné, the yellow one will lead you to the top of Plechý, but not around the lake. Lake Plešné is situated at an altitude of 1090 m., and reminds of the times when the glacier was here.

The lake measures at the largest depth of 18.5 m, and its circumference is about 1 km. The Plechy hill is just above the lake. Here is the base of the National Park guards and leads the way from Jeleni vrchy. Unfortunately there is no snack bar, but you can sit here under the roof – so have something with you.

Ascent to Plechý


If you go from Lake Plešné to Plechý using a touristic trail, you have to count on a 7.5 km long route. The first stop can be the Stifter Monument. From there you can see Lake Plešné, Lake Lipno and the whole part of the Šumava. You will not see the Bohemian part of Šumava from the top of Plechý. The summit is at an altitude of 1378 m, in the middle of the ridge route to Třistoličník, Trojmezí and to the Austrian side of the Šumava. The way back leads from the crossroads under the Pod kamennym morem place around the Schwanzerberg Channel. From here you can reach the train station to Nová Pec via the Lází.

You can enjoy the 30 km long route from Nová Pec to Plechý, but it is a way more hard route.

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